Kindle Cases/E-Book Cases > SZ800 Blank Electronic Book Reader (KindleTM) Case
SZ800 Blank Electronic Book Reader (KindleTM) Case

Price: $32.00
Prod. Code: SZ800

NEW color added in 2011 -- Dark Brown.

New Case designed to fit the Kindle® like Electronic Book Readers.

These  pre-assembled cases are available as BLANK CANVAS with color coordinated zippers and suede cloth in Black, Navy, Light Blue, Dark Green and Dark Brown. 

Case size is 6in by 9in.  Zips around all four sides. Monogram chart included.

Black will be sent if no color is chosen

Stitch & Zip kits Manufactured by Alice Peterson Company

Prices and products subject to change without notice.

*Flat Rate Shipping of $4.49* per order within the continental US, Alaska & Hawaii.

*orders shipping within the continental United States, Alaska & Hawaii only.  International postage will apply to orders out of the US, please email inquiry to or call  310-546-8048 to place your international order.

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